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FL03+ Flowatch Flowmeter Station
  • Reveal 3-D Casein Test NEOGEN CORPORATION USA


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01 / 12 / 2019
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Anda butuh alat laboratorium dan reagents microbiology, segera hubungi Perusahan kami" . PT. SUMBER ARUM ABADI adalah distributor atau subdistributor supplier importir resmi Indonesia yang bergerak dibidang alat Laboratorium dan Microbiology di Surabaya Jawa Timur Indonesia , Dengan Merek Sebagai berikut : acumedia from neogen corp USA, merck KGaA Germany, sigma aldrich USA, waters For HPLC Ireland, ridacount, copan italy, biooscientific, difco, atago, bd, bbl, memmert, hirayama, atago, thermo scientific, thermolyne, funke gerber germany, warring, hach usa, olympus, seedburo, all american, vwr, sibata, horiba, uetech, yellowline, wildco, takemura, ATCC gibson laboratories Inc., As-One, pyrex, brand, biohit, axygen scientific, AZ Taiwan, boeco germany, gast vacuum pump, optika italy Microscope, motic Microscope, interscience france, hettich, and balance Japan, Ohaus Balances and Scale USA, mettler toledo balance USA, presica balance taiwan, kern balances germany, eppendorf, testo, velp scientifica, KNF neuberger, nabertherm vaccuum Pumps Germany, advantec toyo kaisha Ltd. Japan, kett Science And Sensing USA, eppendorf jerman, hanna instrument, IKA, hanil centrifuge taiwan, kern balances germany, GFL water still USA, acumedia, biogen, seward, wildco, haws, seward uk, witega germany, microessential, yazumi, neofilm neogen usa, pobel water stills spain, parafilm m bemis company inc. usa, sanita-kun japan, spectrum instruments australia, analytik jena germany, funke gerber germany, organomation usa, gibertini italy, stat fax 4200 microplate reader, stat fax 4700 microwell reader, automated elisa analyzer iea, labomed in. usa, deltatrak usa, miccroessentiallab usa dll

Detail Reveal 3-D Casein Test NEOGEN CORPORATION USA

Intended Use Reveal 3-D Casein Test is intended for the qualitative analysis of casein resid in clean-in-place rinses and on environmental surfaces. The Test Reveal 3-D Casein Test is a unique hand-held device with a 3-line readout control line confirms the method has been performed successfully and tw other lines differentiate nondetectable, low and high levels of casein. The Procedure Rinse and liquid products: 1. Add Type 1 extraction buffer to sample tube. 2. Add 0.25 mL of sample or environmental swab to a sample tube. 3. Cap and shake for 1 minute. 4. Add contests of the Type 2 extraction buffer. 5. Cap and shake for 1 minute. 6. Remove cap and fill with liquid from tube. 7. Dip the Reveal 3-D device into the liquid in the lid. 8. Leave the cavity saturated until liquid is seen running into the test windo 9. Place device in a flat surface and allow test to develop for 5 minutes. See package insert for complete instructions. Product Specifications Sensitivity: Screens samples at 5-10 ppm casein Screens swabs at 20 µ g/ 100 cm2 casein Testing time: 5 minutes Storage: Refrigerated 2– 8° C Tests per kit: 10 Results: High Positive or Positive or Negative
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