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Cryo Star I For Isotonicity Determination 7150 Made In Funke-gerber Ge

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27 / 04 / 2022
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Detail Cryo Star I For Isotonicity Determination 7150 Made In Funke-gerber Ge

Alat Laboratorium Analisis Makanan
With this device it is possible to measure 12 samples fully automatically at the
press of a button.
• Reference method in accordance with ISO/IDF/DIN 5764
Weight: 15.2 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH): (430x435x185) mm, with measurement head: 240 mm (H)
Automatic cryoscope, single sample device
• Reference method in accordance with DIN/ISO/IDF 5764
• Large touchscreen
• New cooling system
• Easy to use, fast, accurate and robust
7151 Thermal printer: Dimensions (WxDxH): (170x170x65) mm
7157 Thermal paper
7152 Thermistor, long version: for CryoStar automatic and CryoStar I up to
serial number 7150-03000
7172 Thermistor, short version: for CryoStar I from serial number 150000
7165 Calibration standard „A“-0.000 °C: 250 ml in PE bottle
7166 Calibration standard „B“-0.557 °C: 250 ml in PE bottle

The freezing curve is displayed during the measurement on the graphical colour
display. This is ideal for observing, protocolling and providing proof of the plateau
search stipulated by the technical standard (DIN/ISO/IDF 5764).

7187 Calibration standard „B“-0.600 °C: 250 ml in PE bottle
7188 Confirmation standard „C“-0.512 °C: 250 ml in PE bottle
7167 Sample tube: with marking at 2.0 ml, 50 pieces, internal diameter: 13.7 mm, external diameter: 15.8 mm
7167-A Sample container: made of anodised aluminium for faster and more
accurate freezing point determination
7168 Sample stand: made of PPH, for 27 sample tubes (art. no. 7167),
dimensions (WxDxH): (224x70x40) mm
7169 Cooling bath liquid: 500 ml in PE bottle, for refilling
7174 Sampling pipette: adjustable from 1.0 ml to 5.0 ml
7175 Pipette tips: for art. no. 7174, pack of 200
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