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Automated ELISA Analyzer ChemWell 29100 Awareness USA

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01 / 09 / 2023
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Detail Automated ELISA Analyzer ChemWell 29100 Awareness USA

Alat Laboratorium Air
Reagent and Sample Dispensing
Capabilities Predilutions, dispensing single or multiple reagents
Pumps Two syringe pumps, sized: 50μL and 2.5mL
Probe 316 stainless steel for maximum reagent compatibility, level sensing
Minimum and Maximum Volume 2μl – 1.95ml
Maximum number of specimens Standard 66 (including calibrators and controls), optional 96 sample rack
Maximum number of reagents Standard rack 28 reagent spaces, optional racks available
• Assorted replaceable racks and custom designed racks are available for various
bottle sizes.
• Reagents can also be programmed to go to the Sample rack.
Reaction vessel Standard microwell plates or microwell strips
Instrument bottles 1L Priming bottle
Incubation, timing and temperature control Thermal control: Plate/Well 25°C, 37°C, or ambient temperature
• Temperature controlled to 25°C providing the ambient room temperature is below
• Refrigerated Reagent Rack (optional) cools 12° to 15°C below ambient through
Peltier thermoelectric modules connected to an external controller
• Sample Rack is not temperature controlled
Wash Head 8-probe, automatic prime and rinse
Programs Create and run user programmable protocols (aspirate, dispense, and soak). Can
wash wells for re-use as applicable
Optical design Reads absorbance in four simultaneous channels (full microwell plate) 2 channels
simultaneously (using strips); NIST traceable calibration; user selects monochromatic or
bichromatic results
Light Source: Tungsten-Xenon lamp
8 position fiter wheel with 4 installed fiters 405nm, 450nm, 492nm and 630nm
Interference fiters Long life, hard coat, ion-assisted deposition, +/- 2nm, 10nm typical half band pass
Linear range -0.2 to 3.0A
Photometric Accuracy ± (1% of the reading +0.005A from 0 to 1.5A)
± (2% of the reading +0.005A from 1.5 to 3.0A)
Format USB and Internet upgrades
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows®
Minimum System MS Windows® 7, 8.1 and 10 (32 bit), Internet Explorer 11, 1GHz processor, 1GB Ram;
USB 2.0 port, Ethernet port or Wi-Fi card
Recommended System MS Windows® 7, 8.1 and 10 (64 bit), 2GHz processor, 4GB Ram; USB 2.0 port,
Ethernet port or Wi-Fi card
Secondary menu options Create/edit protocols, import/export data, etc., Control, Run, and Setup
Calculation modes Cut-Off, Cut-off Standard, Point to Point, Linear Regression, Cubic Spline(Constrained),
Dose Response, Polynomial (2nd, 3rd and 4th Order), 4-Parameter Logistic,
5-Parameter Logistic, % Absorbance
Self monitoring modes Lamp, bottle volume, fiters, pressure, vacuum, mechanical function, and more.
QC options Store control data, print Levey-Jennings or QC range plots, calculate SDs ChemWell® Automated ELISA Analyzer
Field-proven with over 10,000 Analyzers in use globally, ChemWell is a reliable and solid platform for the
automated processing of a wide variety of ELISA based assays.
The ChemWell Automated ELISA Analyzer in addition to having the flxibility of programming custom assays
using the provided ChemWell Assay Editor, also offers pre-programmed test parameters for ReQuest® ELISA kits.
This provides the advantages of ease of use, improved lab to lab uniformity, and reduces the opportunity for
operator error as the programming, optimization, and validation for these tests has already been done.
u Announcing FDA cleared ReQuest® HSV II ELISA kit for use on the ChemWell platform
u ChemWell now offers a partially closed system with options for FDA Cleared ELISA kits
u ChemWell includes an assay editor which allows for the programming of custom assays
u Customizable and expandable protocols
u Proven technology and performance - True walk away capabilities
u World class customer support
u Ease of operation
u Flexible placement of reagent and samples for optimization
u Complete patient database available with search and tracking system
u Flexible reporting options including export to Excel® or LIS
u On Board Predilution Options in the Rack or Plate
u Fluid Handling - aspirates and dispenses from 2 μL to 1.95 ml
u On-Board programing for workflw optimization
u On-Board storage of QC, calibrator data and Levey-Jennings
u 8 position Filter wheel with 4 installed fiters 340 nm – 700 nm Range
u On-Board Plate Washer, Mixer and Incubation
u Security Lock Out Options - Data Archive - unlimited capacity
Reagent Rack
up to 28 Reagents
Optional rack
Sample Rack
66 Samples,
Optional 96
Sample rack
Reaction Chamber Washer
Versatile • Flexible • Reliable • Accurate • Programmable • ELISA Analyzer
The Ultimate in Flexibility
The ChemWell Automated ELISA Analyzer, is a true walk-away system, providing the user the opportunity to
address other tasks while the ELISA assays are processing. With computer controlled accuracy of all aspects of
the ELISA process - aspiration/dispensing of reagents/samples, in-plate mixing, custom wash protocols, probe
wash protocols, custom placement of reagents/samples within their respective racks, timing and incubation
options, and the flxibility to mix different assays on the same microwell plate, ChemWell delivers effective,
accurate results while providing dependability and peace of mind.
In addition ChemWell offers custom reporting options, QC/Levey-Jennings, password protection, multiple
calculation modes, additional fiter options, and the ability to export to an LIS system
With it’s open programming architecture ChemWell is as versatile and flxible as the user needs it to be, offering
something that most analyzers just can’t deliver, the flxibility on how you wish to use it.

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